Generations ago, weddings were not normally photographed. Now capturing that day is one of the most important in your life. The day you meet your baby is no different. It will be one of the happiest and most defining moments of your life, why not remember it forever ?

Without a professional birth photographer, you may be left with just a few blurry snaps of the baby after delivery and nothing to document the labor process and the incredible birth miracle: What did your baby look like the moment he came into this world ? What was your reaction ? Who was in the room ? Who smiled ? Who cried ? You only get one change at capturing your new babies first moments..

You deserve to celebrate this time and make it a truly wonderful experience you shall never forget… and if you do forget don’t worry, you have it captured !

Why hire the Birth Photographer ? 

With the Birth Photographer, Dad, Grandma, or any other loved ones who are there for the special moment, can be fully present, fully engaged, and fully experience the moments.   A birth photographer allows Dad to do his REAL role rather than to play photographer and miss the moment himself.  In addition, Dad gets to be in the photos, and the true full experience of you as a couple, will be captured.

It is so much more than just “taking pictures.” I will document your birth in a way that tells your story in a quiet and unique way. The photos will be tastefully edited and prepared for both printing and the web. I can also create a DVD slideshow to capture your journey and for you to have a memory you can watch again and again.

So …. the real question is – why WOULDN’T you hire the Birth Photographer?

Will it be weird having a stranger at my birth ?

My goal is to be invisible – a far different than the nurses, assistants, and doctors who may also be “strangers” to mom and dad.  Pre-Birth meetings are to hear the desires of each couple to assist in knowing and being comfortable with me. A birth is a very special time in a woman’s life and I want to honor her thoughts, feelings and emotions during the entire process.

I like the idea of birth photography, but I’m concerned about keeping my body private.

I completely understand and agree. The Birth Photographer is focused on capturing the emotion and the mother’s privacy. During the original consult couples can discuss what they are comfortable with.  A post-session consultation allows couples to screen out portions of photos they do not want.  All photos can be cropped and edited.

What if I need an Emergency C-Section and the photographer is not allowed in the room ?

Missing the C-Section does not mean memorable moments cannot be captured before and after the delivery.  However, it may be possible that the Birth Photographer will be allowed to be present for the birth with staff approval to capture the moment mom and dad first hold their baby.  In the event the Birth Photographer is not able to be present during delivery, the first 24 hours of your baby’s life are still filled with emotion and tender moments that are easily captured.

Will you have to be “on-call” ?

Yes, beginning at 38 weeks I will be “on-call” 24/7.

What if  I go in to labor in the middle of the night ?

As soon as you begin labor with consistent contractions, I ask you let me know so I can begin getting my things together and take care of other responsibilities, even if it’s in the middle of the night. And depending on which birth package you choose, I will come when you are in active labor or 5-6 cm.

How long do you stay after my baby is born ?

Generally 1-2 hours or after the newborn exam, but usually I like to capture family members and/or siblings meeting the baby if possible.

How soon do I get my pictures ?

If you give me permission, I will prepare an announcement card of the baby on my business Facebook page within 24 hours of arriving back at home, so you can share your new baby with family and friends. The remainder will be ready within 2-3 weeks

How many images will I receive ?

My clients usually receive 100-150 images from their birth.

When should I book you ?

As soon as you have decided you want a birth photographer !