Newborn photography

You have waited months for your little angel to arrive.  Then, those first few weeks of your baby’s life go by in a blur.  You will never have those precious moments again. The way they look so small in your arms or curl up perfectly in your neck, their tiny little toes, and the gentle way that they breathe.  I know because I am a mother.  I understand those sweet little details you will yearn for and adore long after your newborn has grown.

Newborn portraits are a perfect way to capture all of the details of this special time and cherish them for years to come.

How long in advance should I book my photo session ?

The most precious time to photograph a newborn is between 5-10 days of life.  During this time babies will usually retain some of the natural curl from when they were in mommy’s tummy. Your curling, sleeping newborn will make for the most memorable  photographs.  At two weeks newborns usually hit a growth spurt and much of the session is spent feeding rather than taking pictures so ideally we try to schedule the shoot before the baby is 10 days old.

Unfortunately, the first two weeks after your baby is born are the ones that go by in a flash!  For this reason, I really encourage expectant parents or relatives to contact the studio ahead of time about a newborn session.

Where will the session take place ?

In my home studio, on your location or outdoors. I like outdoor sessions, which provides best lighting and natural settings for photography. Also I have special props to use in Dubai’s landmarks, like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa.. 

My home studio is located in Amwaj, JBR. Working in our studio allows me to shoot in a controlled environment.  I am also happy to capture newborn portraits in the beautiful settings of your home. I will capture lifestyle portraits in your baby’s nursery and any other meaningful settings. I will also bring along portable lighting equipment, as well as some blankets and accessories. So you can choose what is more comfortable with you.

The most important thing for parents to be aware of is that apart from comfortability, baby safety is number one always.

How is home-studio setting ?

We take great care to ensure a clean and hygienic studio setting. We ask that all guests remove their shoes and we do not allow any pets inside. All blankets used during newborn sessions are sanitized and washed after each use.

How long will our session last ?

They are typically 2 hour sessions because we schedule plenty of time for nursing, changing, and cuddling between shots.  I always book 3 hours for newborns so that we have plenty of extra time.  I know mom is recovering too and I want everyone to feel completely comfortable and never rushed for the best possible portraits.

Please bear in mind that it is totaly understandable that sometimes circumstances do not allow for your baby to be photographed that young. Please call me if that is the case as I am more than happy to accommodate.